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Highly experienced independent farm consultant agri-strategist and author and author, Dr Kate Burke, will headline a jam-packed one-day program for Growing SA on August 30, 2023.

Growing SA’s Event Partner for this year’s conference is Alvan Blanch Australia, while the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA is a platinum sponsor. 

Growing SA will be held over one day at the Adelaide Convention Centre, focusing on issues, research and policy information that is important for grain and livestock producers with an array of speakers and local and national guests.

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Keynote Speaker: Dr Kate Burke: The Art of Excellent Farming and Better Returns: Rethinking Your Farming Journey

Dr. Kate Burke delves into the concept of rethinking one’s farming journey for optimal results. She emphasises that despite the inherent uncertainty and chaos in the agricultural world, it is entirely possible to lead a prosperous farming life while attaining significant financial gains. The key takeaway revolves around the need to alter one’s perspective on farming, shifting towards a comprehensive focus that encompasses all aspects of the business – ranging from people and productivity to profit. A pivotal aspect of this transformative process is taking ownership and responsibility for these dimensions.

Kate Burke’s Biography:

Former consulting agronomist, Dr Kate Burke, is an agri-strategist, author and keynote speaker with specialist knowledge in the science and strategy of broadacre farming and direct investment in farmland. Kate connects the dots between people, productivity and profit to build better farmers, better farms and healthy thriving families and communities.

Kate has a 30 year background in applied agronomy research, independent cropping consulting and corporate farm commercial management prior to starting her own business in 2015.

Now a proud owner of a small cropping farm, Kate recently published Crops People Money and You, The Art of Excellent Farming and Better Returns and regularly contributes to The Guardian Newspaper, Rural Network and Rural Business Magazine.

Kate was the 2021 recipient of the GRDC Seed of Light award.

Plenary Speaker #1: Cam Nicholson: Ways to Enhance Your Decision Making

Just because we make decisions all the time doesn’t mean we are good at making them!  Decision making is a skill – it can be learnt and practiced.  Farm consultant Cam Nicholson will share insights into what he has observed the best farm decision makers do and processes you can use to enhance your farm decision making.

Cam Nicholson’s Biography:

Director of Nicon Rural Services

Cam Nicholson is a director of Nicon Rural Services, a consulting business near Geelong working with the grazing and cropping industries.

Cam has worked in pasture agronomy and soils for 35 years and has been involved in many farmer programs for the GRDC, MLA, Landcare and the current Future Drought Fund.  He provides consultancy advice to farmers and lectures on animal and pasture systems at Marcus Oldham College.

His most recent work has focussed on understanding and discussing risk in farming businesses, carbon accounting and decision making. Cam recently helped revamp information and tools for MLA on pastures and soils.

Panel #1: Global demand, Threats and Opportunities: Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes Biography:

Viterra Australia NZ CEO

Philip Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer of Viterra Australia and New Zealand. Prior to becoming CEO, he held the role of General Manager Trading ANZ for Viterra, and has worked for Viterra for many years including leading our ANZ trading and marketing business, and managing Viterra’s commercial operations in Singapore.

Philip has over 30 years of experience in the grain industry. He previously worked for Louis Dreyfus, Ausbulk in South Australia and AWB in international marketing. He comes from a farming background in Tasmania and started his career in flour and stockfeed milling in Tasmania.


Panel #1: Global demand, Threats and Opportunities: Matt Dalgleish

Matt Dalgleish Biography:

Founder and Director of Episode 3

A graduate of Economics and Education Matt has had a keen interest in markets of all sorts from an early age. Matt has spent decades being involved in commodity and financial markets, including time spent trading equities, metals and foreign exchange.

Making the transition into agricultural market analysis in 2015 was an exciting opportunity, enabling Matt to use his data analysis and forecasting skills to provide commentary and strategic advice to the food manufacturing sector and the agricultural industry.

Matt has been an owner of a commercial pig farm near Bendigo and continues to operate a hobby farm on the outskirts of Ballarat. Matt has become a prominent agricultural market analyst, often quoted in the agricultural press and sought after for his independent, data driven assessment of commodity markets.


Panel #1: Global demand, Threats and Opportunities: Vítor Caçula Pistóia

Vítor Caçula Pistóia Biography

As part of Australia and New Zealand RaboResearch team based in Sydney, Vitor is a member of Rabobank’s global network of over 100 analysts sharing insights with local producers and corporates on global and domestic ag commodity markets. With a focus on land values, fertiliser and crop protection products, Vitor has a strong agronomic background having previously worked as a farm input sales manager, as well as an agronomist with a major global brewing company across South America. He graduated with honours with a degree in agronomy from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre/Brazil.

Panel #2: Overcoming the barriers to succession - Bill Nosworthy

Bill Nosworthy Biography:

Bill Nosworthy, who grew up on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula, has a passion for the land and way of life. He inherited the property from his father at the age of 60 and immediately began planning for succession to the next generation, which will be the sixth on the land.


The transition was not easy, as Bill wanted to make changes to the way the property was run. However, he also understood that the next generation might feel stifled by their parents, so he worked with them to come up with a plan that everyone could agree on.


The plan is for Bill’s three daughters to each own a portion of the property, with one of them managing and maintaining the whole holding. Bill and his wife also bought a small property 14 years ago as a retirement investment.


Bill’s passion for the land has not diminished, but his working abilities have. He is grateful to Sam Wright, who has worked with Bill and his family for 34 years and has been the “backbone” of the business. Without Sam, Bill and his family might not still be on the property.

Panel #2: Overcoming the barriers to succession - Andrew Baldock

Andrew Baldock:


Breakout Session #1 Livestock SA: Alastair Rayner, Managing and Monitoring Your Feedbase

Description: The Australian Feedbase Monitor is a joint project between Cibo Labs and MLA, funded through the MLA Donor Company. The project is the first to offer red meat producers across Australia with accurate and regular updates of ground cover (%) and total standing dry matter (TSDM/kg) for every hectare of a property engaged in red meat production.

Alastair Rayner’s Biography:

Principal, RaynerAg

Alastair operates RaynerAg – an agricultural consultancy business in NSW, servicing the red meat sector with a focus on beef production. Alastair established RaynerAg in 2013, following a 17 ½ year career with NSW DPI as a District Livestock Officer (Beef Products).  Since commencing operations as an independent advisor, Alastair has established a strong client base in NSW, Qld, and South Australia. 

RaynerAg offers a full range of on farm services including livestock management and selection, nutrition and drought management, breeding herd performance and from 2020 clients can also use Alastair as a licensed Stock & Station Agent.

Alastair is well known for his skills in training and delivery and works closely with a number of organizations to deliver practical and tailored on farm training courses and workshops. 

Alastair is highly regarded for his technical skills, writing for Beef Central as the Genetics Editor and in leading the national extension strategy for the Australian Feedbase Monitor Project.  This joint project between Cibo Labs & MLA will offer every red meat producer real time satellite updates of pasture growth and feedbase changes, assisting in more informed grazing decisions

Breakout Session #2 Livestock SA: Andrew Whitelaw, Carbon Trading Risks for Producers

Andrew Whitelaw’s Biography

Andrew Whitelaw, originally from the UK, took his early career strides in the animal feed and biofuels sector. In 2010, he moved to Australia, bringing his passion for business and agriculture along with him.

A graduate from the University of Western Scotland in Business IT, and later, the University of Queensland with a master’s in Agribusiness, Andrew has steadily built his expertise. He’s held various roles in agriculture and food sectors, even co-owning a pig farm with Matt Dalgleish, a friend and co-founder at EP3.

Away from work, Andrew shares his passion for sharing and learning about agriculture on a podcast called ‘AgWatchers’, which he co-hosts with Dalgleish. He also keeps active with a mix of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and ice hockey. Through all his activities, Andrew Whitelaw offers a grounded perspective on balancing business, hobbies, and fitness.

Breakout Session #3 Livestock SA: Arnold Jorge, Traceability in agriculture - opportunities and challenges


Discuss the drivers or demands for tracking and tracing of food, and what these mean for Australian exports.  What constraints do exporters face in adopting technologies for improved traceability, and are Australia’s efforts recognised by trade partners overseas?

Arnold Jorge’s Biography:

Chief Executive Officer, Export Council of Australia

Arnold is a former senior trade official, diplomat and consultant with over 20 years of experience in international trade, aid, entrepreneurship and marketing.

His previous positions included Principal Adviser with the Washington DC based Center for International Private Enterprise, Director of Aid for Trade in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Deputy Head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Mexico City.

He represented Australia in global forums and trade negotiations, including in the World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

He is strategic in his approach and is focused on delivering results through innovation, collaboration, data-informed decision-making, and targeted influence of stakeholders.

He has a degree in Master of Business Administration, and is skilled in lean start-up and agile methodologies, and ‘aid for trade’ project design and management.



















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