Broadacre agriculture in South Australia is riding the crest of a wave. The grains industry has recently recorded several above average harvests in a row – and beef, sheepmeat and wool prices are at historic highs with production increasing.

One in five working South Australians is employed in the food industry and agriculture, food and wine is worth $19.97 billion to the state. Primary production is an engine room for the state’s economy. It is a shining light when other industries face challenges to growth. It is a multi-billion industry with exciting investment opportunities … and the projections are for continued growth as the industry prepares to supply increasing food demand in the Asia Pacific region.

The grain and livestock industries produce, and value add, a diverse range of food products and are recognised globally as produced in a clean and green environment.

Primary production is growing its share of the job market, is growing its customer and export base and is growing its economic contribution.

Day in, day out, primary production is GROWING SA.

The Event

The GROWING SA Conference is an opportunity for primary producers to hear the latest in policy developments, farm business advice and commodity research while networking with each other and industry service providers and policy decision-makers. Following the success of the inaugural event in 2017, the event hosts, Grain Producers SA and Livestock SA now plan the 2022 event.

Through its conference sessions and social functions, the conference:

  • Provides the latest policy and farm business information to help producers boost productivity and profitability.

  • Highlights the state’s broadacre industries as a shining light for innovation, industry growth, and business sustainability.

  • Enables producers, industry service providers and stakeholders, politicians and policy-makers from across SA to engage in a two-way dialogue regarding policy issues, plus network, at a once-a-year event.

Through a range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, the event invites industry partnership in order to feature a range of speakers including policy and farm business speakers.  Together, the conference hosts, industry and producers collaborate to profile primary production in SA and the powerhouse industry it is for SA’s economy.